Product Type:Twisting machine
Product details:

Main technical standards:
Number of spindles: 184 spindle
Spindle gauge: 140mm
Ring specification: φ100 ×16.8mm
Speed of spindle: around 5000r/min
Spindle direction: S or Z direction
Ring rail stroke: 203mm
Twisiting range: 76-862T/M
Operating type: double side
Motor power: 15KW
Outline size: 14880 ×1200 ×2000mm

Product feature:
This machine is reasonably structured, operated steady, convenient operation, of safe and reliable performance, adjustable ring rail stroke and etc. And production quantity can be correctly recorded by memory device.

Applicable Range:
Entwist 2~18 yarns, 250D~2000D fiber, and 36te×3~25 polyethylene.

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